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Our Children have Space!

Monday 9th May was a fabulous day for our children as they were finally given the space they needed to run, play, and have fun! Pupils from both sites joined together to enjoy the new school playing field, now complete with pitch markings and even goalposts.
The field is looking wonderful – a safe, level, well-drained and most importantly usable space, just as we had originally planned. Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to our campaign – we have raised a massive £30,500 towards our £32,000 target so the end is now in sight and we are in the process or working towards installing changing facilities in time for the start of the Autumn Term.


Children top up totalisers…

As the target gets a little closer the children are topping up the ‘Race for Space’ Totalisers located on the school walls… we are now approaching £26,000 out of the £32,000 we need to raise…

Totalisers go live!

The Race for Space totalisers have been installed in the Cuddington and Dinton playgrounds…

The totalisers, located on each site will allow everyone follow the fundraising progress.  This red area on the totaliser represents to current outdoor space at Dinton and the area to be filled with blocks represents the area of the new playing field.

So far it is 65% full so we still have a way to go to get to our target of £32,000 and get the playing field ready for the children.

In the future the blocks will be sold and decorated by children. The decorated building blocks will be used to create an installation to mark to opening of the new school field and the people and companies that contributed to its successful creation.


Waitrose | January 2011 – Save your tokens…

Look out for the Cuddington and Dinton School Field Appeal at Waitrose this January:  Race for Space, in the Community Matters Boxes in January.  Thanks to everyone who nominated us – we will receive part of £1000, which gets divided proportionally between the 3 causes – don’t forget to fill the box with the green tokens so we can make the most of this fantastic opportunity!

Lord Rothschild | £3,000 donation to Race for Space

A huge thank you to Lord Rothschild for awarding £3,000 to our School Field Appeal, Race for Space, from his Foundation’s Small Grants Programme.  We are lucky enough to have fantastic links with the Waddesdon Estate, and his support has given us a real boost!

Race for Space | Village Donations

This year has seen incredible generosity towards the school and it’s appeals… the continued kindness and support of our local communities will see benefits both to general school life for the children and also bring us a little closer to delivering some of the bigger aims for school.

We are very grateful for the fabulous donations we have received from our local village communities;

– Dinton Fete donated £2,500 towards our Race For Space campaign.

– Cuddington Fete donated £450 for Class 1 (Barn Owls) Outdoor Storage

– Chearsley Village Trust donated £100 towards Race For Space campaign.

Thank you to all the villagers for your continuing support and generosity.

Race for Space | Thanks to the Dinton Fete Committee!

We are thrilled to announce that the Dinton Fete Committee has decided to award the ‘Race for Space’ appeal £2,500.00. We would like to thank the committee for their generous support…

This great news helps us continue the fund-raising momentum towards our target of £32,000.00.

We now have £12,000 outstanding and ‘Race for Space’ committee are busy approaching companies for sponsorship donations… we have some exciting ideas in the pipe-line. Watch out for the ‘Space for Change’ fundraising initiative that will launching over the next couple of weeks… with the support of the parents, children and local communities we hope will take us a little bit closer to our target!